Saturday, December 7, 2013

We had the recent opportunity of working with Sean Sargent in helping him create his customized 2014 Street Glide. His main focus was a 100% customized paint job that fulfilled a vision he has been waiting to create for some time now. He worked closely with Seth over at Aggressive Designs to create his vision of a cobalt blueish color with ghost flames. It turned out looking amazing.

Sean also decided to upgrade the stereo system and utilize some of the extra space in his saddle bags.

The Finished Product!
Thanks for Inspiring us Sean!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Newest Customized Street Glide at Laidlaw's H-D

So to break the monotony of the same stock Harleys you see at every dealership, we always like to let our creative juices flow from time to time.

The bike you see here is a 2013 Street Glide (FLHX). It started as a vivid black bike (least expensive paint because why paint over anything more expensive). The bike was stripped down and all the painted parts were sent out to Aggressive Designs to get a serious face-lift.

Seth at Aggressive pretty much created a work of art with the paint, as you can see. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves instead of trying to describe it.

After that, we equipped this bagger with chrome front legs with polished rotors to boot. The bars are 14 inch FLH Apes with chrome switch housings to top them off.

The inner fairing is color matched with the chrome FLHX mirrors to finish off that chromed out look.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sportster and Dyna Highlight!

We are currently have several Iron 883's, Forty-Eights, and Street Bobs in stock. 

The Iron 883 is part of the Dark Custom movement that started with the Nightster in 2007. The Iron was first introduced as the mid-model year bike in 2009. Shipping from the factory with the smaller Sportster motor (883) it also comes with a smaller price tag, starting at $7,999.

The Iron 883 was an instant hit and dealers (including us) who could not keep them on the floor. This was during the time when completely "black-out" bikes were extremely popular (they still are). The Iron really goes for the "greaser" and "bobber" look with a stripped down style to it. It has the gator guards on the front forks to bring out that retro look as well.
 The bike is very popular with the younger riders who want a high quality bike without the huge investment that some of the other Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with. Also very popular with newer riders who want to skip the "junker" learner bike.

The Sportster Forty-Eight was named after the first year the Sportster was suited with the 2 gallon peanut tank (1948). The Forty-Eight comes with the 1200cc motor which is the larger of the two offered to the Sportster chassis bikes. The Forty-Eight is a lowered, bobber stylized bike. It screams custom garage bobber. One of the more notable features is the fat front tire housed on a spoke rim.

Both of these bikes are great for the best possible gas economy and easy to get into with a low price tag. They also have gotten the most attention from Harley-Davidson's design department with keeping up with the young trends in the motorcycle scene.

The Street Bob is the older brother of these two bikes in the Dark Custom family. Like the aforementioned Sportsters this bike really goes for the "black-out" bobber look. Dyna's are considered by many to be the best value in the Harley-Davidson family. Why you ask? Simple, they are the lowest priced Harley motorcycle that has the Big Twin motor (96 Cubic inch) and the 6 speed transmission (Sportsters have 5 speed). What does this mean? You have more power, a slightly larger chassis, and can cruise more comfortably at higher freeway speeds.

Starting at $12,999 the Street Bob is definitely worth the extra cash if you're looking for a little more bike.

We have plenty of these models in-stock now. Come on down and let us sit you on one and see if it's a fit.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer is here at Laidlaw's!

Summer to us means riding adventures, festivals, charity rides and fun with family and friends! We love summer and staying cool is key! Through July get 10% off all our tank tops and sleeveless shirts! We have the best selection and styles to choose from to keep you feeling and looking cool this summer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Customized Iron 883

Hey everyone, in this installment of Laidlaw's H-D blogger I bring you our newest creation. We've taken the ever-popular Iron 883 and slapped a set of upgraded tins on it. The paint you see here is the creative thinking of Seth from Aggressive Designs.

When I first saw it the thought of "Red Baron" came to mind. It has a strong WWI vibe to it, nonetheless. Complete with bullet holes, Iron crosses, and the remains of what might be Manfred von Richthofen.

Currently looking for a co-pilot...... See it today on Laidlaw's H-D Show Room floor.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our First Breakout has Arrived

We just received our first Breakout in Big Blue Pearl from the H-D factory. Here is a collage of some of the first pictures taken and a video to go with it. To answer some questions: 1. Yes, it's still here to come take a look and 2. Yes, it's still available.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Laidlaw's Harley Harlem Shake

One morning, Bob and the Laidlaw's H-D staff had a bad case of the Harley Harlem Shakes. Watch as the entire dealership goes nuts.